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jio Dhamaka Offer daily 2 GB Extra data Free check your jio sim

jio Dhamaka Offer daily 2 GB Extra data Free
 check your jio sim

 daily data for free.  The benefit of 2GB extra data per day is being offered to the users in the current plan.  The company launched last month the Jio Data Pack with a 2GB Daily Benefit offer.  The company credited the data pack to users' accounts in late March.  According to a report, now once again the company is giving users 2 GB of extra data every day for free with four days validity.

 Credit is going into the account from April 27th
 The company is offering 2GB of extra data per day under the Jio Data Pack.  The company has started crediting the extra data to the user's account from April 27. This is also credited to some users' accounts on April 28. It remains valid for four days after the extra data is credited to the account.

 Users are getting 2GB of extra data per day during the offer.  Assume that a Rs 599 plan is active on your Geo number, which gives a daily 1.5 GB.  So the total data you get every day under this offer will be 3.5 GB.
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 Jio had earlier given users 2GB of data for free as an anniversary celebration in the year 2017. The offer offered users 8GB of data for three consecutive months.  The company has once again made a similar offer available to users.
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 It is worth noting that the company has come up with this offer for a limited number of users.  The choice of which account will get 2GB of daily data credit will be random.  It is not confirmed whether you will get 2 GB of extra data every day for four days.  However, this does not mean that the company's offer is fake.  Users can check the availability of My Geo data pack.

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