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The government canceled 3 crore ration cards because of this, somewhere your card is not involved 2020

The government has canceled 3 crore ration cards due to this, have you not got it
 Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said that 3 crore ration cards were found to be false during digitization of ration cards and Aadhaar siding.  Which have been canceled.  Let me tell you, the government has decided to distribute free one kg of dal to every ration card holder for 3 months till June under Pradhan Mantri Garib Yojana for the poor during the lockdown period.


 HyWhy canceled ration card
 Aadhaar and ration card linking is required, "a statement from the government said. So the ration card has been canceled. Apart from that, foodgrains and other goods are being taken from the government scheme for free by making fake ration cards. These ration cards  have also been canceled. A total of 800 million people in the country have ration cards. This initiative is largely considered important for the welfare of many migrant beneficiaries such as laborers, day laborers, blue-collar workers etc. Who often change their place of  residence in search of employment across the country

 HatWhat to do now
 If the ration card is canceled, you have to go to your food supply department and get the information.  Where he shows his ration card and Aadhaar card.  The Aadhaar number has been genderized with the ration card.  Then your new ration card will be made and the old one will continue.

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