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May Lock down come Again due To increase So Many Case in gujarat

May Lock down come Again due to increase So Many Case in gujarat

 This is the latest breaking news from VTV yeah this is the news from the center that may lockdown Mein increase our Rio construction of the lock down this is today's state news this is also a shocking for all the workers.Latest News, occupations Updates, Technology  Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us Please share with your companions this Post.

As well as the teacher student and many other participants who are going to school and who are dream to going to school there are no solid from the news but the news from the center of the VTV news photos cutting out on here that maybe I will be  increased due to the Kora cases the center of Ahmedabad has recovered.


 Henu the percentage and much of the cases are recovered from Ahmedabad but accepts Ahmedabad Surat Baroda Bhavnagar Valsad Navsari City have a daily crosses 15 16 17 cases and the Surat is the biggest hotspot zone in Gujarat today and yesterday last 5 days if analysis to do that  then we are able to show that more than 250 cases per day in Surat.

so maybe that news from Santa will come that lockdown will be held or not this is the show but experimental question may be available let's see what happens if we don't know but this is the possible what do you think maybe lockdown will happen if not what do you think...?

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