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Rs 10,000, complete information

You do not even know how many plans are the

government. Some plans are countrywide who runs the central government when some plans are limited to the state. But due to the information that is inadequate, we can not take advantage of these plans. For this, the Kares is going to talk about a plan of this article today.


Know which documents will need: -Concard copying, supporting the support of the base (the support, passport copy), the copy of the first page of the Bank Passbook, in which the account holder needs pension. Except these other evidence has to give if necessary.

What should be considered? Loan facility is available on PMVV after three years of policy. The maximum loan amount can not be more than 75% of the price purchase. Tax benefits such as government's other pension plans are not available in plan. If you have to read such a new new article, we need to be our page ... we will give you all kinds of information on this page. Which might not you read either.

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